Model Railroading Today For The Beginner

This model railroad film is from the Prelinger Archives San Francisco.

Model railroading has progressed over the years, especially in the last few years with the introduction of DCC (Digital Command Control).

DCC has completely changed model railroading and has made it so much easier for a beginner to get into the hobby and enjoy the full functionality of a great model railroad.

Model Train Layout Scenery Photos From A Beginner

A few months ago we covered Matt’s story after he had started creating some amazingly good scenery as a beginner.

Well, Matt has progressed even further and has sent in some updated photographs.

Matt’s model train layout is ho-scale and he is modeling a Canadian west coast scene.

Great job Matt, it looks fantastic…

Enjoy the photos and please leave your comments at the bottom of this page… Matt would appreciate the feedback!

 Trainset 001 Trainset 002 Trainset 003 Trainset 004 Trainset 005 Trainset 006 Trainset 007 Trainset 008 Trainset 009 Trainset 010 Trainset 011 Trainset 012 Trainset 013 Trainset 014 Trainset 015 Trainset 016

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A Disney Model Train Layout Inside Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn

This is one of the model train layouts on display at Walt Disney’s Carolwood Barn.

The barn is located in Griffith Park, Los Angeles.

This particular barn was used by Walt as a machine shop for his miniature steam trains that operated on his estate.

It was these miniature steam trains that inspired the trains in the Disneyland Parks today.

Enjoy the video and please comment below.  

The Golden Gate Model Railroad Club

Here is a short video showing the model train layout at the Golden Gate Model Railroad Club.

I’ve said before that the best way to learn about model railroads is to join your local model railroad club, because you will find the members to be mostly very friendly and helpful.

I realize that some people will not have a local model railroad club within their immediate surroundings, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t visit the nearest model railroad club once a year. Just 4 or 5 hours once a year asking questions, will equip you with information for a long time.

With the technology we now have available, it is very easy to email a question, or ask in a model train forum, but nothing beats the face to face communication in a model train club.

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2011 National Model Train Show in Sacramento, California

Thanks to Model Railroad Hobbyist News Reporter Jeff Shultz for providing these great interviews and updates from the 2011 National Model Train Show in Sacramento, California.

There are some exciting new products to be released by the different companies in the next 12 months.

Enjoy the videos and please leave your comment at the bottom of this page.

Michael Stephens of Walthers talks to Jeff about the new products being released by Walthers in 2011.

Craig Martyn of BLMA talks about the new products being released by BLMA after the Sacramento National Model train Show. Craig explains the adjustments to couplers that have been made after feedback from customers.

John Pestana of ExactRail talks about their new HO scale products being released after the 2011 National Train Show.

MRH News Reporter Jeff Shultz interviews Jim Elster of Scenic Express to give viewers a better idea about their new model train scenery products.

Jarrette Ireland of SoundTraxx explains to Jeff Schultz the new SurroundTraxx and Blackstone product features. 

Rob Pisani of Atlas Model Railroad Company tells Jeff Shultz of the planned new product releases in the next 12 months after the 2011 National Model Train Show in Sacramento, California.

This video is an interview of a young and talented artist who loves sketching steam locomotives.

Kendall Collins prefers drawing steam locomotives because they look alive.

Kendall displayed and offered his artwork for sale at the 2011 Sacramento Model Train Show

Atlas Model Railroad Company: #57 Deluxe Switch Control Box

Atlas Model Railroad Company has created a brand new deluxe control switch box.

The Atlas Model Railroad Company are known for creating reliable electrical components, so the #57 deluxe switch control box should be no different.

It is practical for all scales and includes an illumination feature.

It is designed to work with the Atlas #56 switch control box and it will integrate with the Atlas #200 snap relay or other solenoid activated devices like the Atlas deluxe under table switch machines. 

>> Atlas Model Railroad Products

Bachmann Spectrum Large Scale 1:20.3 38 Ton Shay Locomotive

These videos demonstrate the features, maintenance requirements and history of the Bachmann Spectrum Large Scale 1:20.3 38 Ton Shay Locomotive.

This is a great model and will surely be loved by Bachmann large scale fans.

Got any comments? Please leave them in the comment area below.

>> See the Bachmann Spectrum Shay models here



Athearn Genesis HO Scale Locomotive With F45 Tsunami Sound

This is a short video to demonstrate the Athearn Genesis HO scale locomotive with F45 tsunami sound.

The running of the locomotive is a little jerky, because of the quick set up trying to demonstrate the sound.

However, it is a great locomotive and available here in different livery and configurations.

Enjoy the video and I would appreciate your comment below.


Basildon Model Railway Exhibition

The 2011 Basildon Model Railway Exhibition (Essex, UK) was well attended and enjoyed by all.

A large variety of scales was on display including HO, OO, N, Z scale. As usual Thomas was a big hit with the children.

Below are 3 videos that show the highlights of the model railway exhibition.

If you are in the area, this is a model train show that is well worth attending.




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Building a Model Railroad in India

Building a model railroad in India requires a lot of imagination and persistance.

That’s because there are no hobby shops just down the road, or in the next city.

Amarjit Singh Walia from Bangalore, India has sent in these pictures of his model railroad.

Notice the improvisation he has cleverly implemented… 













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